Data subject rights and freedom of information

We have significant experience in responding to data subject access requests (“DSARs”) and complaints, including as part of employee grievance processes or litigation, drafting procedures, as well as advising on handling freedom of information requests.

  • Advised a professional services firm in relation to various DSAR compliance requirements and data subject requests in its contractual arrangements and standard terms.
  • Advised a client on its internal policies for handling DSARs and other data subject requests.
  • Advised an airline handling a high profile DSAR.
  • Assisted a client with DSARs made to their ex-employer.
  • Assisted a Hong Kong insurance company to deal with a DSAR from an employee under investigation for a disciplinary offence.
  • Advised an accountancy firm in relation to handling DSARs in the context of insolvency and restructuring processes.
  • Advised on appropriate freedom of information contractual provisions in a contract with a public authority. 
  • Advised a company in the entertainment industry and a public authority in a successful appeal against an Information Commissioner's Office Freedom of Information Act Decision Notice and advised on the implications of contracting with public bodies.
  • Assisted senior executives with the making of DSARs under the data protection laws of the DIFC, UK and Hong Kong.