Zoe Zhou

Managing partner

Zoe is a partner at Wei Tu law firm*. She has been advising multinationals and PRC entities in their data protection and data privacy issues and practice over years.

Zoe's experience on data protection and data privacy includes,

  • Advising an international corporate service supplier on the data protection and cross-border transfer issue arising from the digitizing of documentation and information collected from clients in China and access of such information from overseas.
  • Advising a leading HK medical service provider on data privacy protection on cross border transfer of patient records, management of electronic medical records, standard privacy policy and personal information collection statement.
  • Advising a supermarket chain with operations in around 20 countries on data protection requirements under the PRC law.
  • Formulating the privacy policy, template contracts with customers and distributors for a PRC e-marketing service provider.
  • Advising an airline based in Hong Kong on its PRC privacy policy.
  • Advising a digital transformation service provider on the storage and cross-border transfer arrangement of the decrypted data of its clients and employees’ information.
  • Advising a HR and payroll service provider on the data collection, storage and cross-border transfer of staff information collected from its clients in China and the impact of PRC PIPL on its business.
  • Assisting a Hong Kong based payment processing fintech company in the preparation of personal information appendixes in compliance with PIPL supplementing its Hong Kong law based personal information collection statement, user and platform terms and conditions.
  • Assisting a Europe based logistics company to update its existing data protection policy already geared towards GDPR compliance to be in compliance with PRC PIPL.
  • Providing PRC PIPL compliance advice for a ship management company in an acquisition.
  • Providing PRC PIPL compliance advice for an insurance loss adjuster company under the context of group restructuring.
  • Advising a leading ship management company on PIPL compliance in a M&A due diligence exercise.
  • Advising a middle east logistics company in respect of PIPL in a compliance review against its PRC subsidiary.
  • Advising a business advisory service provider over the legal issues arising from any disclosure of WeChat info to the US Courts.
  • Assisting PRC subsidiaries of multinationals in the filing of Chinese SCCs.
  • Providing compliance trainings for multinational clients on PIPL and cross border data transfer.

* Wei Tu (a PRC law firm) and Stephenson Harwood (a law firm registered in Hong Kong) are in a CEPA association under the name “Stephenson Harwood - Wei Tu (China) Association”. We provide clients with comprehensive legal services governed by Chinese and non-Chinese laws.