The PRC announces the creation of a new data regulator

The People's Republic of China's ("PRC") parliament approved State Council reform plans on 10 March 2023, including the plans for the creation of a new data regulator. This body will work towards centralising the management of the PRC's data.

The new regulator will be responsible for deciding whether multinational companies can export data generated by operations based in the PRC. It may also establish and enforce rules that regulate data collection and sharing.

Several regulatory bodies are already in place in the PRC, including the Cyberspace Administration of China and the Ministry of Public Security. The allocation of responsibilities between these bodies is yet to be explained. Though little information is currently available, it is expected that the new regulator will bring a more streamlined, cohesive approach to the PRC's regulatory structure for data protection.

This follows last month's news that the Cyberspace Administration of China has published a standard contract for exports of personal data from the PRC. These developments reflect the Chinese government's increasing attention on data security and privacy.